Hi, I'm Ivelliam Ceballo, but you can call me Ivy.

I want to understand and witnessing moments with my camera helps me do that. I see moments (*nudge nudge wink wink* my initials are I.C. therefore I.C. Moments) that help people viewing my photos connect with and understand my subjects from diverse backgrounds, families and communities. 

Understanding promotes important conversations that can broaden perspectives and bring about problem-solving insights.

I remember writing for a student newspaper as early as elementary school in South Fla. While working for a multi-platform newsroom in Utah more recently, I fell head over heels for visual storytelling partly because the photo desk was behind my team's web desk. 

So I moved across the country to study at Western Kentucky University's award-winning photojournalism program.

I am a 2019 Mountain Workshops scholarship recipient and I am looking forward to fellowship opportunities in 2020. 

Photo by Danielle Whitney


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